man learning about New Hampshire detox center If you’re struggling with addiction, reaching out for help from New Hampshire Detox Center can be one of the best and most courageous decisions you ever make. In our treatment center, you’ll find compassionate care in a peaceful, supportive environment. Our residential setting allows our clients to focus on their recovery away from the stresses and triggers of everyday life.

Addiction can be isolating. It can cause damage to relationships, finances, and physical health. At New Hampshire Detox Center, we’ll help you get back on the road to full recovery. Rebuilding your life after addiction is possible.

Discover what sets us apart. Reach out to New Hampshire Detox Center at 603.932.7692 or contact us online to verify your insurance, learn more about our programs, and get started on the journey to recovery.

Our Approach to Treatment

What makes New Hampshire Detox Center unique? We offer medication-assisted treatment, which uses certain medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings. This can be invaluable for those in recovery. Limited Withdrawal Management Detox can be accompanied by a number of painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, and without support, many of those in recovery relapse during this time. However, medication-assisted treatment, in tandem with counseling, can lead to better long-term outcomes.

We also specialize in helping those who struggle with co-occurring disorders. Mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD can go hand-in-hand with substance use issues. Our approach takes these conditions into account and helps those in recovery work through the underlying causes of addiction.

Our Team

Our team is made up of therapists, clinicians, care coordinators, and other addiction treatment specialists who are dedicated to helping every client on the road to a successful recovery. We’re constantly learning and implementing the best strategies to aid our clients. And since several of our team members are in recovery themselves, we can offer compassionate care that takes into account the challenges you might face.

Limited Withdrawal Management Detox can be a challenging time. Give yourself the best foundation for long-term recovery. Reach out to our admissions team today to learn more.

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Don’t let addiction hold you back from the life you want. We provide medication, counseling, and support care that can help you during withdrawal and beyond. Our treatment programs are specially designed to be a launchpad into long-term recovery.

Whether you’re reaching out for yourself or for a loved one, our admissions team can help you access the care you need. We accept most insurance policies as well as Medicaid. If you’ve put off treatment due to concerns about the cost or about taking time away from your responsibilities, talk to a member of our team today. Going through Limited Withdrawal Management Detox in our center is the safest way to begin healing from addiction.

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