two people discussing alcohol addiction treatment Alcohol addiction is one of the most common types of substance use disorders in the United States. Alcohol is legal and widely available. However, it is also incredibly addictive. Many factors play a role in whether an individual will develop an addiction to alcohol. These can include a family history of addiction, past trauma, mental health issues, or stress at home or at work. At New Hampshire Detox Center, our alcohol addiction treatment program helps men and women break free from the cycle of addiction. Through personalized addiction treatment programs and comprehensive support, you can stop drinking for good.

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Do You Need an Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program?

Alcohol rehab can be helpful for those who struggle with alcohol abuse. One reason why it’s hard to stop drinking on your own is due to painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detox can involve more severe withdrawal symptoms than detox from other substances. Symptoms like tremors, anxiety, increased heart rate, and irritability can make relapse tempting. However, in an alcoholism treatment program, you will have support and accountability for your journey to recovery.

It can be difficult to know if you’d benefit from an alcohol addiction treatment program, especially if others around you seem to be able to drink regularly without any issues. However, there are a few signs to look for that can indicate that your alcohol use has slipped into abuse or dependency.

Signs of alcohol addiction can include:

  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop drinking
  • Hiding your drinking from friends and family
  • Neglecting responsibilities at work, at school, or at home due to alcohol use
  • Trying to stop drinking but failing
  • Legal or financial issues that stem from alcohol use
  • Continuing to drink despite negative consequences

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above, it’s likely that going through a treatment program at New Hampshire Detox Center would help you heal. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our options for treatment.

Our Approach to Alcohol Rehab

We offer individualized treatment plans for each client in our care at our drug and alcohol detox center. Some of the therapies and approaches that we incorporate into these treatment plans include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – This evidence-based therapy helps participants change unhealthy thought patterns.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy – Mindfulness can be a helpful tool on the road to recovery.
  • Trauma therapy – Many of those who struggle with addiction have experienced trauma in the past, and this therapy helps clients process past trauma in a healthy way.
  • Group therapy – Connecting with others in recovery can help clients stay motivated.
  • Individual therapy – One-on-one sessions with a therapist can help you work through the underlying causes of addiction.

Benefits of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol rehab offers a number of benefits to our clients. Some of these include:

  • Increased self-confidence – Maintaining sobriety can help you feel better about yourself and can boost your self-esteem.
  • Better physical health – You’ll heal from the effects of alcohol addiction in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Repaired relationships – While alcohol use may have come between you and your loved ones, you’ll be able to rebuild trust with the help of a therapist
  • Healthy coping skills – We won’t just help you get sober. We’ll help you build the coping skills you need to maintain sobriety long-term.
  • Sober activities – You’ll rediscover life without drugs and alcohol.
  • Supportive environment – Our team members and your peers in recovery will encourage you every step of the way.

You’ll discover these and other benefits of alcohol rehab when you reach out to New Hampshire Detox Center.

Recover at New Hampshire Detox Center

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