woman entering a womens detox centerAddiction treatment cannot be one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer separate men’s and women’s detox programs for those who are working to overcome drug or alcohol dependency. Gender can play a role in how different people develop addictions to drugs or alcohol as well as how they respond to treatment. Our approach gives our clients the best chance at lasting, sustainable recovery.

To learn more about the women’s detox program at our drug and alcohol detox center in New Hampshire, reach out to our team today at 603.932.7692 or connect with us online.

Do You Need Drug or Alcohol Detox?

Would going through limited withdrawal management detox in our addiction treatment center help you? We recommend limited withdrawal management detox for our clients as that reduces the risk of any complications relating to withdrawal. If you struggle to get through the day without using drugs or alcohol, have used prescription drugs in ways other than as prescribed, or have relapsed after a period of sobriety, you’d likely benefit from our women’s detox program.

The Benefits of a Women’s Detox Center

Why do we offer a specialized program for women who are struggling with addiction? Men and women have different needs in recovery because they often have different relationships to drugs and alcohol. Women respond to treatment differently than men do and can relapse for different reasons. Women are also less likely to seek out treatment for addiction than their male counterparts. At New Hampshire Detox Center, we take all these considerations into account when designing our treatment plans. Some of the benefits of our women’s detox program include:

  • Clients can build stronger bonds with others in recovery, which can reduce the feelings of isolation that can often accompany addiction
  • Women in recovery can focus on their own journey to healing with fewer distractions
  • Our therapists have experience in helping women with their unique needs for treatment
  • We take into account issues like past trauma, sexual assault, workplace challenges, and motherhood

The biggest benefit of our women’s detox center? We offer a safe, supportive environment where women can open up about their experiences with drug and alcohol addiction. This can be an invaluable asset as our clients work through the underlying causes of addiction and build a strong foundation for sobriety.

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

We take a holistic approach to addiction treatment, helping our clients heal in body, mind, and spirit. Addiction can cause damage to your relationships, mental health, physical health, finances, and many other aspects of your life. Here, we make sure that our clients are safe and supported during the limited withdrawal management detox process and beyond.

Some of the services and therapies that we offer in our center include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment – Certain medications can ease withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings
  • Medical care – We’ll ensure that you don’t experience any complications from withdrawal symptoms
  • Group therapy – Connecting with others in recovery can help you build a strong network of support
  • Individual therapy – One-on-one sessions with a therapist offer a safe space where you can talk through complex personal issues

We create personalized treatment programs for every individual in our care and will craft an approach to treatment that meets your needs.

Begin the Journey to Recovery at New Hampshire Detox Center

Our limited withdrawal management detox center offers a peaceful, healing environment. You’ll find support and encouragement from our team members every step of the way as you work to take your life back from drug and alcohol addiction. And when you’re ready, we’ll help you transition into a rehab program where you’ll build healthy coping skills for long-term recovery.

Take the first step on your journey to recovery by contacting New Hampshire Detox Center today at 603.932.7692 or by connecting with us online.